Miraculous! New Born Baby Refuses To Die After 2 Life-Saving Surgeries

Cardiac surgeon Conal Austin were on Finn for 5hours

Little Fin and his parentsAt just ten day old, little Finn Jones underwent a five hour marathon 'cardiac switch' operation to replumb his system. Then later developed problems with his lungs and digestive system which landed him for a second major operation just weeks after. Despite what the medical team thought was a death warrant, the little boy literally denied to die in the theatre.

was born with his body working as two disconnected circuits: 'blue' blood - containing very little oxyge play n - was pumped around his body but could not reach his lungs to be re-oxygenated, while brilliant red, oxygen-rich blood flowed into and out of his lungs with no way of reaching any other organs.
The only way Finn could possibly survive was if the tiny valve between the two upper heart chambers - open in the womb, and healing over after birth - finally closed, stopping oxygen travelling from one side of the circulatory system to the other.
Statistics show that 30% of untreated babies die in the first week, 50% in the first month, and 90% die by the end of the first year. But for Finn, a temporary procedure carried out just hours after his birth - by consultant cardiac surgeon Conal Austin created a hole between the two chambers - has kept him alive until now, but without a second intricate operation to heal his lungs and digestive system, he will die.
Finn returned to the operation room for another major tear down. But he just refused to give up!
According to reports, thousands of parents in the world go through the pain of watching their newborns go through life-saving surgeries. Finn is currently seven months old, safe and surrounded by love, he has been given back his life by the NHS staff who cared for him unconditionally.

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