Change Of Heart Beyonce And Jay Z Will Attend Kimye Wedding Atl ast!

Jay Z and Beyonce will be attending Kimye Wedding at last

If there's one thing Beyonce and Jay Z want right now, is to divert people's attention from that famous vicious elevator attack of Solange Knowles to Jay Z to them attending the highly anticipated Kimye wedding in Paris come May 24.
The couple who had been speculated NOT to attend due to the presence of the Keeping Up With Kardashians reality TV show cameras, are now looking for an escape from Solange's scandalous and shameful attack on Jay in New York on May 5.
A close source confirms that, "Bey is going to Kim's wedding. Especially now, to change the attention from the fight to her presence at the wedding, since there have been so many reports speculating that she wouldn't show up."
"Being at Kim's wedding is less scandalous for her and Jay in comparison to the elevator situation," the source adds. "They need/want something else for people to talk about."
We don’t blame them for needing an escape - this whole elevator fight has been quite an ordeal for the usually composed and perfect couple but do have to change their mind?
Do you guys think KimYe should still invite Beyonce and Jay Z to their wedding? Send us your thoughts.

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