Together in death: 2-year-old twins found holding hands after drowning in a pool (PICTURED)

Jocelyn and Shaylyn Spurlock

A couple in America have been left devastated after their twin daughters drowned just 3 days after their parents’ wedding.
Jocelyn and Shaylyn Spurlock, who were said to be inseparable, were found with their hands interlocked even in death after they drowned in rain water which had gathered on a neighbour’s pool cover.

The little girls, who were flower girls at the wedding, had wandered off from their grandparents’ home in Indiana into a nearby house whose occupants had gone on holiday.

They were found dead an hour later.
The Mirror reports:
The duo had been staying with their grandmother, who fell asleep, as their mum went to the shops to by a cabinet for a dining service she had been bought as a wedding present.

Heartbreak: Jocelyn and Shaylyn had been flower girls at their parents wedding just days ago
While the children were watching their favourite TV show their gran left the room and fell asleep.
When mum Bryeanna Spurlock returned a short time later they were missing.
The family searched for the twins shouting and found toys they had dropped in nearby woods.
Tragically a neighbour then found the bodies in the cover of the above ground pool after he spotted a pink jumper.
Their devastated grandfather Jim Conley,65, said: “They were holding hands and lying side by side.”
Mr Conley, who is separated from his wife, said the girls – who would have been three next month -spent every moment together and slept in the same bed together.

drowned twins Jocelyn and Shaylyn Spurlock
Inseparable: The bodies of Jocelyn and Shaylyn were found still holding hands
Three days earlier dressed in matching white sparkly gowns with their short blonde hair in pig tails the twins walked down the aisle at Hope Baptist Church in Dillsboro scattering rose petals behind them for the wedding of their mum Bryeanna,28, and dad Brad,29.
On Saturday at their funeral a pink pillow stitched with the words ‘Tornado Twins’ was pinned inside the coffin.
The girls were buried in their flower girl dresses in a coffin decorated with angels. The service was held at the same church where their parents married.
“To see them two lying in the coffin side by side holding hands… it was so hard to see it because they were just so full of life,” their grandfather added.
“They were never, ever apart – if one walked off, the other one would catch up. We brought two beds to the house and they would only sleep in one.”
Their parents had just bought a bigger home so the girls would have room to play in the back garden.
“They loved their children dearly,” the grandfather said “They were my precious little babies, and they’re gone now. “
He said the tragedy could not have been prevented because the neighbours who owned the pool had been away on holiday.

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