Jackson DramaJermaine Jackson Roars – "Jackson 5 Made Michael Jackson!" Err… Is this really true? MJ's ex Debbie Rowe has shocking revelation on what MJ really thought about his brothers!

Jermaine Jackson Slammed With $3,750/month Child Support Suit. Back From Beyond Michael Jackson Is Not Dead? Family Drama Michael Jackson's Son Denies His Biological Mother! Michael Jackson's older brother, Jermaine Jackson is going gaga especially when the pop star’s ex wife, Debbie Rowe is claiming Michael believed the only one with talent in his family was Janet. The older Jackson got bitter on Monday reeling over Debbie's comment that MJ told her his brothers were talentless. Jermaine was very blunt in Calabasas telling gossip site TMZ, "If it wasn't for the Jackson 5 there would be no Michael Jackson," adding, "That's what gave him the launching pad to become what he became." That's not the only thing the troubled star was angry about. He also addresses Debbie's claims that he's using MJ's kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket to rip off chunks of cash from the Michael Jackson Estate. Jermaine angrily stated that he doesn't need the MJ Estate's money because he made a fortune with the Jackson 5. Err…What? Maybe he should tell that to the baby mama who's been hunting him down for child support for years. Guys, with the way this is going, what do you think would happen between Michael's brother and his ex wife?

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