Imitation Has A PriceDJ Khaled Sued For Stealing!

An up and coming rapper is accusing the famed producer of copying his artcover - It was my idea, he yanked it!
World famous music producer DJ Khaled has been dished a lawsuit for copying his new hardcore cover art
from an up and coming rapper named Kolley.
According to reports, the young rapper dropped his first mixtape, "RNS" less than 6 weeks ago with a very unique cover shot – a close-up of his face, clenching a gold chain in his matching golden grill.
So, when DJ Khaled unveiled his "They Don't Love You No More" EP , this week, with a very similar artwork to Kolley's, the youngstar ganged up his team of lawyers to take some legal action!
According to TMZ, Kolley's peeps at Bigg Bank Entertainment just sent a cease and desist letter to Khaled's label, warning them to stop using the cover art STAT or face a legal s**tstorm.

If you were DJ Khaled, what would you do?

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